Surfing equipment

For training we use surfboards from 6’8″ to 10’5″. As you progress, the size and shape of your board will change, it makes learning more efficient. All boards are supplied with Leash.


Large, wide and thick boars let you catch the wave. These boards have a soft cover and soft fins for maximum safety. Dimensions 8’0″ – 10’5″.


Surfing soft fins are safe to use for beginners Surfboard leash


Lightweight and maneuverable medium-sized boards for intermediate surfers. Catch the wave will be a little more complicated than the Soft-Top, but improve maneuverability, and you can catch a cool wave. These boards have a hard cover and fins. Sizes 7’0″ – 8’0″.

Surfing board Minimal


Experts choose Shortbords for their unmatched maneuverability. Shortbord size and shape vary according to your level of riding and wave conditions. We offer a large Shortbords to facilitate catching the waves, which is the most difficult task in the transition to a short board. Medium-size Shortboards are good for learning duck-dive. Sizes 6’4″ – 7’0″.

Shortboard Surfing equipment